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Countdown to Potential RP session

Saturday, April 19th @ 12:00am

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Countdown ended
Tuesday, April 1st @ 3:00pm

Event over


A semi-private roleplay group for magical boys and girls.
Please check THIS JOURNAL before asking questions.

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shuuheei 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have also decided to take on TWO more potentials n v n i don't have school anymore so everything will be good to go.
just come and post in here if you are interested!!
feel free to poke me in chat too..!
Reminder that you will need both chat and front page rps to be considered for voting. :iconcutehiplz:
Hey potentials Ken again! I'd like to take more potentials in for rp! Just comment here!
yueppi 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Heya Pots! \o/ Hope you're all well, fine and dandy!
A tad late to the front pages so I'm taking 3 RPs for this time round (Also coz I'm hideously slow sobsob) but I'll be in chat for the most of this week so feel free to hit me up there for a RP!
My kiddo is Piro and if you're lucky Trash (the sheep yo) might come by too!
This time I'm letting you guise make your own starters! COME AT ME!! \o/
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ni-shi-ki 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconpoobrainhorseplz: gurgles hello potentials im being an obaba im latter than late
I'm Nishiki, and my magebbu is Ellis. I'm taking unlimited rps and I am fine with both script or literature styles, or both mixed! Feel free to start with your own starter but I'll write one down if you prefer to reply to one instead! ^^

Ellis by nishikidono Ellis: Twirling a strand of her hair around her finger, she hummed an off-tuned song. She seemed pretty relaxed and happy as passers-by exchanged greetings with her. Not having anything to do for the moment, she seated herself on a bench near the fountain and resumed humming as her eyes jumped between the activities of the people around her- before noticing someone who seemed to be a tourist--? Traveller? A new-face. She gave a smile, hoping it would make them feel warmly welcomed to the town.
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//laughs guess whos late to the party :icongtthplz: 
EITHER WAY hello I am the Sea Sheep and I like icecream. My kid is Cam and I'll be taking unlimited amounts of the rps! It'd be amazing if you started but if you don't want to then you can just reply to my starter ////


Dfdyjyujkyhjyuhfrhfnjghtyjru63 by sheepSODA5 min Cam was faced with a dilemma. He had transformed into his mage from to make it less awkward to clean the woman's changing buT IT WAS STILL AWKWARD. Maybe he should wait until his co-workers came back to help him-- he walked out into the lobby and threw the towels he was carrying onto the front desk before realizing that there was someone sitting on the couch. "A-ah- h-hello? Are you hear for a bath?"
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faithom 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Will take 2 more potentials oops since I haven't done any in chat ones. :iconoldplz: Just go ahead and reply to my other post. 
faithom 4 days ago  Student General Artist
HELLO potentials. I'll take two front page RP's this round. My girl's Meruru but she's kinda stuck in a situation where she's not quite herself at the moment (things happen in Mage LOL). 

Feel free to grab me in chat for a chat rp though, heh. Also feel free to use your own starter, hehehe. This is just one for you to reply to if you'd like one provided.

:iconmagemeru:Miruru: The young woman was pushing a cart loaded with gardening supplies and the likes down towards the edge of Town Square when her wheel caught into a pothole, and half of the things in her heavily-laden cart tumbled onto the ground with quite the commotion. A soft curse was heard before she heaved a sigh, quickly doing her best to pull the spilled items out of the way of others before assessing the situation of the cart. "Oh no..." She whispered softly, stress displayed quite plainly on her face as she looked around before kneeling to tinker with the wheel. 
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HEY POTENTIALS. I'm KAM and I've been a horrible resident here at Mage for awhile so I'm going to make it up by RPing with you guys!!! MY OC is CHIA. I'll be taking unlimited RPs so let's have fun yeah. I'll also let you guys start the RP so don't be afraid to do whatever you want to Chia b/c she can bend anyway you make her. Let's have fun, yeah!! :iconcoolestplz:
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HEY GUYS!! my name is dai and i am very excited!!! taking unlimited number of rp because i'm maso ^o^9
anyway, my baby is liu. you can reply to the starter below, but please don't be shy and make your own starter!! i know i was really shy during potents but i really wanna see what you guys can do!! so yeah, let's have fun ^o^!!!

:bulletblue: Liu: /plays with the ends of her hair a little while walking into Town Square, biting her bottom lip which had unfortunately become a habit whenever she was annoyed,/ Ugh, this sucks.... /Earlier today, she'd tried out a new hairstyle and it didn't end up very well -- it caused the ends of her hair to become burnt and she had a mass of curls all over the back of her head -- but at the very least, she was still....pretty....right......... She coughs a little, then falls back onto a chair, glaring at anyone who passed by/
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Pikakus 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yahoooo, hi there potentials! I'm Saku, and I'll be offering two potential RPs with this literally speechless kid. Please let me know if you'd rather me or you start when you reply, and if you want to start please go ahead and post your starter, too!

I'm also in chat usually in the Asian timezone so feel free to hit me up there, too. Good luck!! :iconkissingplz:
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Hello, potentials! Name's Sarah or can call me Salsa if you want.
I'll be taking about 4 potentials for now. Usually I'm in chat, so you can bug me there if you need one from in-chat. I mostly write script style since it's the fastest.
I'll be playing with this child u 3 u) A bit of a layback character at times.

*This isn't the normal icon I use for Hisa but the comments don't like using thumbnails.
:icontakumaplz: Hisakawa: /From smog to rain to sun, Fyr'stcercle weather was a thing of mystery to Hisa. Sure some of the strange forecasts held back her weekly grocery shopping, but it never stopped her fully from buying food for both her and the housemate—a bit of a princess-like idiot. With the recent change of village locations, it would make sense for Hisa to go to the West Farmer's Market; however, she rather like the selections up north. After spending about thirty minutes of tethering between fruits, Hisa paid for her bags and headed back west, dropping by the fountain to see if any newcomers arrived./
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Heyllo to those looking to join!!
Let's take a clash between our characters and see what you got! >D But I'm not looking for a fight, more of for a playmate~
Take on a persona and let's discover them characters!!

For visual ref: Hertz Fortissimo - Hiru Kanayoshi
Let's begin!!

:iconshotahz: /Runs about town square chasing the pigeons with a stick. What better than for a ten year old boy than to take something off the ground and try scaring wild life off with it? It just so happens then that the eyes meet... Narrowing his eyes he takes a cocky pose/ What are you looking at?


:iconhirutsu: /is just around the neighborhood looking for adventure but A-HOY a potential mate a far!! Zips toward and skids to a stop just before knocking them forward/ Hey hey! What’s up! I’m Hiru☆! What’s yours? Where’d you come from! Or where’ve ya been!!
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Hello potentials! I'm BEER or Billie---and I'm taking Four potentials in total for two of my characters; Four and Thomas.
Kinda busy with RL stuff but I'm gonna reply (as fast as I can) to our rp ^ q ^ /

also it would be cool if you set up the RP, just so I can see how you'll go about it Q v Q b
(5 Replies)
Hellooo potentials! This is Chii  * 7 * pleased to meet you! My characters are
Eon (though he looks like thiscurrently...!) and No, feel free to pick any of them * 3*! I will be taking 5 potentials for each of my sons, okay? But also feel free to poke me in chat if you see me around, it is better if you prefer faster replies! > vob Let's have fun and good luck! :iconkissingplz:!


Eon icon who knows what number by LilLichKingEon: With the recent snowfall, the rabbit wandered the streets wearing a dark cloak which flickered in a ghostly manner on its rim, forming playful wisps as he moved on. A long scarf was wrapped around his neck and he breathed out, drawing a round puff with his breath. The weather did not bother him that much though, finding some kind of joy in the frost despite it threatened to pile up on his bunny ears. Perhaps this would be a good chance for him to settled down and make a snowman? It had been quite a while after all, prompting him to halt his steps as he scanned his surroundings for a nice spot.


Why Hello by LilLichKingNo: The boy was hungry, not having anyone back at home that could feed him or at least provide tips on how to prepare his own meals. He had tampered with the idea of making something up himself while he browsed through the marketplace for all the fruits, meat and vegetables available. A little huff escaped through his lips as he stood in front of a stall and folded both arms across his chest. Should he dare or perhaps it was better to continue abusing of the kindness from others? His foot tapped against the cobblestone underneath impatiently, almost trying to hurry his own brain into making a choice.
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Heeeey potentials! :iconbigentranceplz: 
I'm Tempu and will be taking an unlimited amount (gasp)  of potentials, so feel free to play with me, yeah? :iconexciteplz:
My character is the mango boy over here aaaand to do y'all a favour please write your own starter, ahuhu. You can hit me up in chat too, if you'd like. Don't be afraid to ask! :iconhnnghplz: Also script/lit anything's fineeee. 
(8 Replies)
Hello potentials! This A-chama though feel free to just call me Chama! (Feel free to call me whatever else you like along those lines!)

I'll be offering unlimited potentials! Also feel free to bug me in chats I'll be happy to do a live rp with you as well!

I'll write up a starter post but please feel free to write your own if you prefer rping something different! My character is the lass known as Finnegan who you can find here I look forward to meeting all your children!

As for style of rp I tend to write lit but I'm fine with switching to script if it's easier for you!

Finn icon by A-chama Finnegan: The red haired girl was wearing her shibeinu kigurumi wandering the streets of Fyr'st. She looked about the streets a paw over her eyes as if she need to hide face from the sun, despite the fact it was actually a fairly cloudy day. As if she spotted what she was looking for she headed to the nearest person and said,"'ello bach! Yah beh needin' any helps? Yah looks a bit lost the'ah! I is Wondah Wolf! Dah helpah of peoples! So if the'ah anythin' I could do yah oughtah let meh knows!" She grinned expectantly at the person before her. You could almost picture her tail wagging if it had been a real one.
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shuuheei 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello dear potentials!!! i'm shuu, and i'll be taking four front page rp's because school is really killing me haha. i'm almost always online so feel free to also poke me in chat for an rp!!! 

i'll be playing with my son yoken but please ignore the derpy cs, he looks a lot better now.
also, please make your own starter!!! i'd like to see what you've got in you--and length doesn't matter too much. i can write short or long posts so don't be shy n v n 
(4 Replies)
pinkysilva 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello dear potentials !! I'm Pinky / Silva, and I'll be taking unlimited amount of potentials this round ! I tend to prefer front page RP's, since I am pretty busy during the school week, but if you hit me up while I'm in chat over the weekends, that's totally fine too !

I'll be playing with Vespera and Zazu, and you can feel free to hit up either one ! (As a side note, however, Ves doesn't really look much like her CS anymore though sob so she doesn't wear glasses, has her ears pierced, and keeps her hair down, usually !) Please specify which one you want to poke, and please create your own starter ! I'm interested in seeing what you have to share with me :iconteyuplz: !
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Pokelc Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good day potentials! I'm Poke and I'll take 5 potentials this round. My character is Dianne: and you are more than welcome to hit me up for a chat rp when you see me. I'll do a really generic starter but it'll be cool to see you guys start!

Dianne: She stared deeply in her pocket mirror in her hand, squinting slightly. With a delicate hand she gently combed 2 strands of hair back into their respective curls. Satisfied with her appearance now she promptly shut the mirror with a small clack and tucked it into her bag before proceeding with her window shopping.
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wakuuu Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yoohoo potentials!!1 im paku and i'll be taking u guys on for this session!!!:iconstaringplz: i'll take 4 potentials but if there's more i may open up another spot!! my dumb orange is Haku and i can take a causal or lit style, whatever you're comfortable with- or swing by chat and poke me for a live rp ^p^// too laze so go ahead and type up a starter :iconlazeplz://
(4 Replies)
Yooo potents! I'm Hime and I'll be taking up to five potential rps this time around!

My characters are Mari and Ludo! Please specify which one you want to bother you when replyinggg. I would totally love if you guys would give me a nice pretty starter (or an ugly one??? thats cool too??) but if you need me to start, just lemme know! (oh and if you see me in chat and I'm not already stuck in an rp, I'd love to play with you there too--just gimme a poke!!!!)

I look forward to playing with all your cute little kiddies ^q^....
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Rishrotte Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi hiiii, potential time again, I'll be playing with :icontarotplz: Tarot and Ki Updated Icon by tarotplzKi! Though I think I'll only take potential RPs in chat due to busy schedule!
Ki is very nice and easy to get along while Tarot is....prickly in personality. Again, I'd be more impressed if you can manage to have an interesting RP with Tarot since she's the harder of the two to get along with.

But anyway, do poke me in chat! I'm usually around after 6PM Pacific time zone until the 16th I guess l o l.
MochiWaDaisuki Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello children it's that time of the year! :iconmilkfaceplz: My name is Mochi and I have two characters you can choose to play with. 
Here's Sei and here's Micky. Please state which you'd like to rp with!
I'm accepting an unlimited number of rps so come at me! :iconthegloryofplz: 
You're welcome to start your own setting~ Or just give me a jab and lemme know if you want me to start. :icondojimathumbsupplz: 
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xEddietan Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyo! I'm Eddie and my chara is Ellie:
I'm still pretty newby so let's have some fun!! 
I'm accepting an unlimited amount of rps. Feel free to make your own starter but if you don't feel comfortable with that then here's a generic one. 
Ellie: Her hands swung by her sides as she strolled breezily through the town square. There was absolutely no people around as far as she could see so it was a perfectly perfect moment for her. No one to bother her, just her and nature. She grinned, closed her eyes and skipped happily until she hit something or maybe someone. "Wahh!!--" 
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